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    Hi there, it's nice to meet you.

    I'm Samantha.

    A long and winding road–and a few random puffs of wind–have gotten me to where I am today. I have lived in three countries and seven cities since 2013. Nearly nine years of full-time experience in different environments have enabled me to make a positive impact through my work, no matter the location or sector. I work best in creative, dynamic spaces, and have analytical, entrepreneurial, and strategic management experience.


    Although I'm not a "car guy," I have a particular affinity for the transportation sector and improving its sustainability. My favorite 2022 work experience was being invited to present at the United Nations-sponsored Global Methane, Climate and Clean Air Forum. I spoke at the Heavy-duty Engines session about a recently developed eco-driving program for Latin America.


    Now, if you're still interested, I encourage you to explore my website below, where I have crafted excerpts of my experience and skills in tiny, bite-sized pieces. Enjoy!

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    Decarbonization Strategy and Program Manager



    I lead the U.S. decarbonization efforts for CHEP, a pallet pooling company, by collaborating with transport carriers and customers to implement low- and zero-emission vehicles and other strategic solutions to reduce carbon emissions. My team works closely with the global decarbonization team to streamline reporting and comply with global reporting requirements to reduce our scope 3 emissions.

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    Project Manager, Sustainable Communities and Transportation, Southface Institute and Clean Cities Georgia, Atlanta, GA


    I served as Project Manager for two partner non-profit organizations, the Sustainable Communities and Transportation team at Southface Institute (1), which houses Clean Cities Georgia (2). My work revolved around the promotion of electric and other alternative fuel vehicles and their respective infrastructure across Georgia, with heightened attention paid to increasing access to these services for disadvantaged communities. My portfolio included projects with EMPOWER workplace charging, Drive Electric Georgia, and the Dekalb County Clean Energy and Transportation Plan, among others.

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    Latin America Associate Researcher (2022-23)

    In this role, I served as ICCT's Chile representative, working with the Ministry of Energy to assist with our bilateral working agreement. I wrote technical research papers in English and Spanish, and I contributed ideas for ICCT's Latin America strategy. I also co-managed EPA's SmartDriver en español driving program and the TUMI e-bus mission.


    Communications Associate (2019-21)

    I coordinated the Latin America publications and translation processes, and edited trilingual publications and blog posts. I was the content editor for transportpolicy.net and led the Website Team in our main website overhaul to WordPress. I managed interns; helping them in their journeys gave me great pleasure. I also spearheaded the creation and streamlining of comms internal policies and procedures for 50+ new hires over two years.


    I have most enjoyed my ICCT work with Chile and ZEBRA because it hones in on my original inspiration: public transportation in Latin America! I rode on one of Chile's first electric bus models before I left in 2019 and the fleet exploded (no, not literally–we'll leave the protests and buses-on-fire story for another time).

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    Academic and Student Services Coordinator,

    Stanford University, Santiago, Chile


    For nearly three years I enjoyed the stability of helping younger versions of myself make their study-abroad expectations a reality, coordinating their favorite trips and language-exchange events, and planning their painfully rigorous academic courses with some of the top politicians and academics in Chile. Balancing problem-solving for students, the dynamic academic environment, and student expectations versus campus requirements made this a very fun and fulfilling gig. As I reflected on my experience there, I had three main takeaways:

    - I am thankful for the hundreds of students I worked with and (hopefully) impacted in some way.

    - I am humbled to have worked alongside some of the best (and worst) names in Chilean political history. Thank you, political advocacy class, for teaching me that not all that is different is evil.

    - I can happily give tips to anyone wanting to live or travel in South America!

  • Education

    Worthwhile projects for those who need to be in two places at once (read: Can I borrow your time-turner, Hermione?)

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    M.A., Public Policy and Administration

    Northwestern University


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    B.A., Language and International Trade

    Clemson University


    The alma mater I pull for on College Football Saturdays, Clemson gifted me with comprehensive Spanish instruction and an opportunity to study a semester abroad in Alicante, Spain. I received an Honors College diploma and Cum Laude Honors, and I wear my Clemson ring with pride... even though they lost to the University of South Carolina in football all four of my years there :')

  • Technical writing samples

    Roadmap to decarbonize freight transportation in Latin America from 2025-2050 (Spanish)

    Strategies for setting a national electric vehicle charger standard: Relevant factors and the case of Chile (see media write-up in Spanish)

    Fuel economy standards and zero-emission vehicle targets in Chile (also in Spanish)

    New legislation in Chile shows climate leadership (also in Spanish)

    Using technology advancement as a tool in the transition to electric buses in Bogotá (Spanish)

    Characteristics of fires in electric vehicles (also in Spanish, Portuguese)

    Can Colombia become Latin America's clean transport leader? (Spanish)

    Technology development plan as a tool for the transition to electric buses in Bogotá

    Electric bus manufacturer commitments with ZEBRA (Spanish)


    Other writing samples

    A collection of short stories: sepettigrew.medium.com

    The unexpected connection: Social unrest in the U.S. and Chile

    How can the U.S. improve its foreign policy toward Latin America?

    Renovating U.S. infrastructure: The head-on collision of federalism and climate change

    Blind in Venezuela: A new life in Chile

    Spanish Climate Migrants Strongly Correlated with Climate Justice

    Continental to Arid Climate Zones Becoming Less Apt for Biodiversity in Spain

    Curtailing Traditional Air Transport in Efforts to Green Spain’s Aviation Industry


    Editing samples

    Eco-driving programs (Spanish and Portuguese)

    Zero-emission buses Bogotá as of 2022 (Spanish)

    The truth about diesel vehicle contamination (Spanish)

    Gasoline and diesel fuel quality survey for India: Part 2

    Technical requirements for electric bus operators in Santiago, Chile (Spanish)

    Route selection for the expansion of electric bus operations in Santiago, Chile (Spanish)

    The Covid-19 crisis does not justify an emissions standard delay for vehicles in Brazil (Portuguese)


    And, in case you're already bored, here's a simple link to my résumé (updated January 2023)

  • Welcome to my world: Select jobs, courses, and projects

    I have never not been a multi-tasker...

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    Electromobility and the Energy Transition


    Electromovilidad y transición energética

    I am currently taking a year-long diploma course at Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile that covers the green energy transition with respect to green hydrogen, electric vehicles, renewable energy, and the economic impact of these changes

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    Magazine contributing author

    Webcast moderator

    Book Club participant

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    Project Planning and Management


    Online course through the University of Virginia taken as part of my PMP certificate training (in progress)

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    ESG Specialization


    This Environment, Social & Governance program helped me understand sustainability from the private sector lens, and informs my decisions in ICCT's Equity cluster and in Justice, Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion (JEDI) initiatives

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    Allied member

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    Citizens' Climate Lobby


    Washington, D.C. chapter member

    Beaufort, SC chapter participant for Earth Day 2020 (video)

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    Basic Manuscript Editing


    This copyediting course at The University of Chicago helped with my development of a Spanish editorial style guide for ICCT

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    Trends in Green Tech and Energy


    I was invited to moderate the Pacific Council's webcast on the latest trends in renewable energy, energy storage, and electrification. More information and video of the webcast here

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    National Immigration Forum


    Participated in 2019 moderations and assisted the digital event transition in 2020 with South Carolina forum staff, bringing people together to discuss immigration and its community implications

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    Served as Spain Country Manager, writing monthly columns in English and Spanish. With my brief experience living in Spain (2013), I was able to work on a UN-inspired initiative with the top 20 GHG emitting countries. Conversations with Greenpeace Spain and the Ministry of Ecological Transition of Spain

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    Completed an internship in Public Housing and Education Policy with two final products, (1) and (2)

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    Public Policy Center


    Contributed to the Sociedad en Acción book, a joint project with Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile's Center for Public Policy and Johns Hopkins Center for Civil Society Studies

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    Impact Evaluation of Public Programs and Policy


    Evaluación de Impacto de Programas y Políticas Públicas

    Program designed and led by MIT's Abdul Latif Jameel Poverty Action Lab (J-PAL) at Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile. I learned about hands-on program creation and how statistical evaluation enables change through policy and government cooperation. Final project about Chilean artisanal startups: Full Spanish version; abbreviated English version

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    Sammy's English


    Designed personalized Business English classes to Santiago professionals through the (now defunct) website, Sammy's English. Also served as a translator for the electrical engineering company Sistec Limitada, among other clients

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    Public Health Clinic Migrant Program


    Encouraged and provided healthcare access to migrant farmworkers; interpreted patients’ verbal and written health information from Spanish to English for medical providers in South Carolina and the Migrant Clinician’s Network.

    This first glimpse into the public sector continues to enlighten me today. I remember these clients' names, their stories, and how although they had nothing to give, they ended up giving me so much more than I could have ever imagined.

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